5 DIY Tricks for Helping Your Flowers Last Longer

October 23, 2020


Flowers are living things, so they won’t last forever. There are ways to keep them healthy and fresh for as long as possible.

One way is to buy your flowers from Alma Flowers — we deliver flowers to find homes as quickly as possible. There’s no waiting on the shelves. Your flowers arrive, fresh-cut and prearranged, within 24 hours. Our farm-fresh flowers can last up to two weeks, while the average lifespan is 7 to 10 days

Once you have the freshest flowers you can buy, you can help them live life to the fullest using simple ingredients around your home. Here are our five DIY tricks to help feed and protect your flowers, helping them to last:

Feeding flowers

Soda: Did you know a splash of lemon-lime soda can keep your flowers perky? It is the perfect blend of sugar and acidity to keep your flowers healthy. It works because cut flowers no longer make nutrients for themselves, so they need the sugar, and water that is slightly acidic travels more quickly up the stems. Go ahead and add between ¼ cup of lemon-lime soda per quart of water to help your flowers stay fresh longer!

Sugar and Vinegar: Mixing sugar and vinegar together in a vase offers the same benefits as soda: sugar and acidity. Use equal parts dissolved sugar and white vinegar to see the benefits, adding around 2 tablespoons per quart of water. The sugar feeds your flowers, while the vinegar will lower the pH of your water from approximately 7 to approximately 3.5, perfect for cut flowers.

Sugar and Copper Penny: If you have any pennies dated earlier than 1982, they are made primarily from copper. Adding a copper penny to your vase helps to keep the water acidic, while the sugar feeds the flowers. You can just plop a penny and a sugar cube into a quart of water for ultimate ease.

Protecting flowers

Bleach: Once you have taken care of feeding your flowers and acidifying the water, you can take extra steps to prevent the growth of microbes. Add ¼ teaspoon of bleach per quart of water to keep it clean and fresh. You can replace the water weekly for best results.  

Vodka: Vodka is an anti-aging serum for your flowers. It is believed to prevent wilting by reducing your flowers production of a gas called ethylene. The gas is emitted by plants as they age and causes ripening — or for flowers, wilting. If your flowers are fed and the water is acidified, you can add a few drops of vodka to your vase to keep your flowers looking young.