Bring Blooms to Your Zooms

October 23, 2020

Working from home is always better when you have a comfortable home office — or at least a nice corner in your home to sit with your laptop. It is also better with plants, which goes for both your at-home space, and actual office space.

We know that having a plant in your workspace reduces stress. Whether you love working from home or you miss the office, a plant can brighten your mood all day. We also know that nearly two-thirds of Americans were working from home in April, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic that swept the nation months prior. That’s millions of people, many who weren’t expected to bring work home.

To illustrate the magnitude of this shift, consider the fact that the virtual meeting platform Zoom has seen its daily usage skyrocket from 10 million to over 200 million in just three months — that’s 20 times more daily users.

Now, we’re trying to set up for the long haul, and some of us are hoping to work from home after the pandemic subsides. So how can you brighten up your space at home, and improve your virtual meetings? Fresh flowers.

Five Benefits of Home Office Blooms

  1. Brightens your home office space.
  2. Colorful bouquets can improve a plain, empty desk area or freshen up a busy space. Bouquets offer a sense of comfort and security in making your home office more personalized, and if you sign up for a monthly or biweekly flower delivery, you will always have fresh blooms.
  1. Adds variety to your space.
  2. By keeping fresh flowers at your desk, you will get to look forward to a new bouquet at least once a month. You can explore all different flower varieties and play around with new combinations. It’s an opportunity to find new blooms to love — and new fragrances to enjoy.
  1. Improves your virtual meetings.
  2. Want to make a great impression? Your virtual background says a lot about you. With remote work, colleagues and clients have a lens into your life. Having fresh flowers at your desk every day gives you the opportunity to say something lovely — it shows that you value beauty and serenity. Healthy bouquets also show you are caring and reliable. As an added bonus, it is always a great conversational piece. Use your flowers as an ice breaker and your meetings will be off to a great start.
  1. Supports your mental health.
  2. Flowers make us happier for primordial reasons — humans have used flowers to convey social meaning just about as long as we’ve been tracking our history. Ancient Greeks even had a floral goddess named Antheia. The long history of positive social representation of flowers contributes to the way blooms have been shown to stimulate dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin — neurotransmitters in the brain that reward us, help us bond with others and make us feel happy.
  1. Smells amazing!
  2. Imagine having fresh, aromatic bouquets always gracing your desk. Flowers breathe a breath of life into your screen-filled work day, and some research suggests that the smell of fragrant plants reduces stress biologically. So, stop and smell the flowers during your workday to help keep stress levels down.

At Alma, we offer farm fresh flowers that are cut and delivered within 24 hours, so when you receive them they will bloom in your home during the first few days. You can see your blooms come to life!

Alma’s flowers last longer than most. Our farm-fresh flowers can last up to two weeks, while the average lifespan is 7 to 10 days. You can also employ some DIY tricks to preserve their beauty for as long as possible.

We offer monthly and biweekly delivery options that allow you to get fresh, seasonal flowers shipped directly to your home, prearranged and ready to decorate your home office.