Flowers Within 24 Hours

October 23, 2020


If you want vibrant, fresh flowers, you need to get them straight from the source — the earth. When you buy flowers from a florist, you don’t know how long it’s been since those stems had roots. They could be freshly delivered, or they could be the last of the week’s stock.

At Alma, we want our flowers to find homes as quickly as possible. There’s no waiting on the shelves. Your flowers arrive, fresh-cut and prearranged, within 24 hours. This is why:

We Care About You

Flowers are a statement for some of the biggest occasions — weddings, baby showers, birthdays — they mark life’s big moments. We take pride in providing you with the right flowers. The ones you imagined when you put in your order.

We allow orders no further than two weeks before your event, because that way we can guarantee that we will have the flowers you want and you can plan based on what is seasonally available. Ordering from another florist too early can result in phone calls before your event, letting you know they are out of stock — maybe on the statement flower you were really hoping for.

We can also make sure that the flowers you want look as you expect them to. They will be the right color and fullness. We can do this because we are intimately connected to our inventory. What we promise, we deliver!

We Care About Flowers

Fresh flowers are happy flowers. That’s why we harvest your flowers the day before they are delivered. We cut the stems on the farm, arrange the flowers and package them immediately. When they arrive, they show up just as they looked only hours after leaving the ground.

Our flowers don’t have to live a shelf-life, they fulfill their purpose next-day, immediately decorating your special occasions or brightening up your home. This means they live longer, too. Our farm-fresh flowers can last up to two weeks, while the average lifespan is 7 to 10 days. That’s four more days of flower-life.

To prove how much we care about flowers, your delivery will include a flower care guide to help you keep them vibrant and fresh as long as possible.

We are floral suppliers and florists, which allows us to care for you and your flowers better. If you want fresh, pre-arranged flowers delivered within 24 hours, visit our website and explore our fresh picks!