The Most Meaningful Flowers for Mom

October 23, 2020


Your mom deserves flowers all the time, but on special occasions, you may want to get her flowers that are extra special. Every flower says something — they can express happiness, love, celebration — but there are a few that stand out as a great gift for moms.

At Alma, we care about you and our flowers, which is why we are sharing the most meaningful flowers for moms.

To Celebrate Family Love: Tulips

The tulip flower symbolizes perfect love, which is the kind of love that you give and don’t expect to receive anything in return. It is the kind of love a mother gives to her children. You can show appreciation for your mother’s perfect love by getting her a bouquet of tulips on Mother’s Day, on her birthday or any other special day. You can also gift a new mother-to-be with tulips at a baby shower.

You can choose your tulip colors to personalize the meaning of the flowers. Yellow tulips exude cheerfulness, pink tulips symbolize confidence, purple tulips signify royalty and white tulips often symbolize forgiveness.

To Celebrate Dedication: Sunflowers

Your mom dedicated herself to raising you, so why not show how much you appreciate her with the flower that symbolizes dedication? Sunflowers are seen to represent dedicated love, in part because of the way they always turn toward the sun. An ancient Greek myth shares the story of Apollo, the sun God, and a nymph named Clytie who adored him — he turned Clytie into a sunflower, but she remained dedicated to him, and always faced the sun.

Sunflowers are a beautiful gift for mothers, and can celebrate not only dedicated love between mother and child, but also a mother’s dedicated love toward achieving any goal. When she overcomes something or completes a goal, you can celebrate her dedication with the gift of a sunflower.

To Celebrate Patience: Asters

Aster flowers come in a variety of colors and are small, delicate flowers full of meaning. They most strongly signify patience. Raising a child takes patience from every stage of childhood through to adulthood, making this flower a great gift for moms. You can show any mother you value her virtue of patience with a bouquet of asters.

Like tulips, you can personalize the symbol with your choice of colors. Purple asters are the most common, and symbolize royalty and wisdom. Red means devotion, white means innocence and pink means sensitivity.

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