1. tRIM

Upon receiving your bouquet, remove the hydration pack (if applicable), and trim the stems at an angle using scissors or something similar.


Be sure to clean your vase well, making sure there is so soap residue, then fill the vase with cold water.


Pour the flower food into your CLEAN vase and mix the flower food with the water until dissolved. Then place your bouquet to thrive!


For the longest vase life, change the water daily and trim your stems every other day. Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources if possible.


Every stem has a different expected vase life. As blooms expire, pull them out from the bouquet to keep the other blooms fresher, longer.


How do I know when to change my vase water?
Our #1 tip for getting the most enjoyment out of your flowers is to change the water daily with fresh, cold water. The water should look good enough to drink!
What do I do if I run out of plant food?
If you run out of plant food, it can be easily replicated at home by adding a couple drops of bleach and a pinch of sugar to fresh water.
What if I need my flowers to bloom faster for a special occasion or event?
If you'd like for your blooms to open up more quickly, then use warm water to politely ask the blooms open.
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